The US 257 DayZ server is been discontinued. We've all started playing DayZ Origins on different servers. Come join us on Team Speak at

Joining the Clan

  1. You must be 21 years of age or older.
  2. Send a friend request to Hohlraum (click) on Steam (if you have it).
  3. Send me an email (click) with your Steam username or nick. (Ban Appeals and Hacker Reports sent directly to my email will be IGNORED!)
  4. Have TeamSpeak 3 and a Mic to communicate with clan members. You MUST use push to talk on TeamSpeak. No open mics.
  5. Keep an eye on your email for a response and follow the provided instructions.

Official Clan Member Rules

  1. Be nice and do not verbally abuse one another.
  2. Do not PK clan mates for any reason including revenge.
  3. Do not be annoying to other players (ie. constantly talking and asking: questions, for help, for vehicles pick ups, etc).
  4. Use push to talk in Team Speak. You may not have open comms or you will be kicked from the server or worse muted by your clan mates.
  5. You must wear your tags on Team Speak. Your Team Speak nick must be the same as your in game name (you do not have to wear tags on the server).
  6. Clan members playing on our server must be on Team Speak while playing. If I see you on otherwise you will be kicked from the server.
  7. If you and your group are on a different part of the map then use a different Team Speak channel so you do not interrupt comms.
  8. Do not hang out in the Lobby. Choose a channel that is appropriate to the game you are playing.
  9. If you are global banned or hack on our server you will be removed from the clan roster and be banned permanently from our server/Team Speak. No excuses will be accepted (be sure you buy only valid keys from BIS or Steam).
  10. If you do not agree to the rules outlined above then you are no longer welcome in the clan.